Distributed Temperature System


Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) makes use of optical time-domain reflection technology and the Raman backscattering effect of optical fibres. At work, a certain energy and width of the laser pulse in the measurement of optical fibre transmission, resulting in Raman backscattered light, the intensity of which is affected by the temperature of the optical fibre scattering point, the scattering back to the optical signal after demodulation, the temperature on the optical fibre is extracted. At the same time, the travelling velocity of the light in the optical fibre and the time interval of the backscattered signal are used to accurately locate the position of the optical fibre where the temperature is measured.

Application in oil/gas inductry

Downhole temperature monitoring for oil/gas production well

The system is applied to temperature measurement and interpretation of production profiles of oil wells, monitoring of wellbore integrity, monitoring of wellbore temperature profiles during oil and gas production processes such as SAGD, steam throughput, fracturing, gas lift, etc., as well as monitoring of the characteristics and state of the fluids inside the wells during fluid production or water injection, which can play a significant role in improving crude oil recovery, and saving costs.

ESM DTS-X01 interrogator


Technical specification